Yikes G4 part 3

After fixing the fan issue, it was now time to try to boot the system. Pressed the power button, and no sound.

No video, no sound, and the hard drives spin up.

Had to hunt the Apple Doc’s in order to figure out was going on. Found out that alot of the G4 PCI Macs had this issue. So i followed the instructions and 15 minutes later i have a semi operational Mac.

By semi operational i mean that 2 out of the 3 40 Gig hard drives were toast, I couldn’t use them, they were badly corrupted and fragmented and along with the 30 Gig that came with the machine too. Ok, so i have to hunt for drives that work.

Also, the onboard audio that the front speaker connects to is shot. No boot chime without speakers EVER!!!

Ok, so i found 2 40 Gig drives that work (one from my old Dell Server) and the last one i got from Vaz. No raid option for this mac.

Installed OS X 10.4.6 from the DVD i own and did all the upgrades.

Now it’s fully up and running and "was" hosting these sites.

Here are some specs from the System Profiler.